the cast

name: Pimo Vanderson
sex: male
species: papillon
age: 18
height: 5’9
weight: 130
Pimo has decided to no longer be a passive player in his own life, to grab his life by the wheel and steer it where he wants it to go. Now all he has to decide is exactly where he wants to go.
name: Marcus Lidge
sex: male
species: skunk
age: 18
height: 5’11
weight: 145
A friend of Pimo’s since high school. Marcus is generally easy going and a breeze to get along with, but can be fierce when crossed the wrong way.
name: Lacy Windish
sex: female
species: spotted hyena
age: 17
height: 5’8
weight: 122
A very empathetic, loving individual, Lacy tends to see people not for who they are, but who she believes they can be. She is an eternal optimist, sometimes to the point of naivete.
name: Beau Foster
sex: male
species: goat
age: 18
height: 6′
weight: 160
Beau can come off vapid and a little immature, much like some of his frat boy cohorts, but he likes almost everyone and is liked by most everyone in return.
name: Fred Pickles
sex: male
species: polar bear
age: 18
height: 5’7
weight: 135
A typical emo kid, Fred’s monotony can drive his friends crazy (including his best friend since childhood, Beau.) It takes a patient soul to withstand extensive amounts of time around Fred.
name: Wren Fiely
sex: male
species: border collie
age: 19
height: 5’11
weight: 137
Wren is unafraid of calling things as he sees them, often without regard for the feelings of others around him. He knows what he wants out of life and is determined to get it – no matter what.